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Matching Couple Rings rules, traditions and history

The engagement wedding ring is a symbol for love and commitment. It's a gift that is highly anticipated and appreciated! But are you sure you are aware of the history behind this custom? Learn the rules, history and etiquette behind the tradition of the wedding ring!

It can be fascinating for both the person who receives the ring as well as for the one who gave it to find out more about the rules, customs and history that will help you comprehend the significance of this precious ring that will bring you into a lifetime of love and will be the one you wear next to your wedding ring. Before you begin thinking about the day in which you will exchange the fateful vows of marriage you should take a few moments to learn about the mysteries that revolve around this very important piece of jewelry that is typically presented by announcing memorable words of love.

What does the Matching Necklaces mean? A little bit of history

Giving and accepting an engagement band was a way to establish bonds in the Middle Ages. The couple agreed to a date to exchange the wedding vows. During the Enlightenment, the custom of secret rings became popular and, if divided into several pieces, were later joined to form the wedding ring. In the same era, the so-called poetry rings decorated with romantic phrases or poetic verses, also came into vogue as a commitment to engagement.

The first diamond engagement ring dates back to the Victorian period: before then, in fact, they were merely metal objects. According to legend, Archduke Maximilian gave his beloved Mary Burgundy an engagement ring that had diamonds set in it. From that moment on this kind of ring was the official symbol of an engagement.

What's happening today?

The modern-day tradition of the engagement ring leads to the De Beers family, a world leading diamond dealer, which began a massive advertising campaign in 1938. With the assistance of Hollywood singers and actors, the giant's advertisements even suggested the amount you could spend on the ring: one month's salary that later grew to two. In 1948, copywriter Frances Gerety created the famous slogan for De Beers "A diamond is always" which significantly to the spread of the diamond engagement ring throughout the world, even in countries that were not known like Japan.

Etiquette: a collection of brilliant guidelines

Etiquette suggests choosing jewelry that reflects the style and personality of the person who is receiving it. It is unlikely that a bride opting to celebrate an ordinary wedding will appreciate a sumptuous object, in which case the family jewels may be used, perhaps to be modernized or readapted, thus increasing the symbolic and sentimental value of the object. The delivery of the ring signals the start of a series ceremonies and customs. The person who gives the ring will present a bouquet to the bride’s parents, who will reciprocate with an identical gift. The customs have been lost, however good manners and common sense are still cherished.

When to give an engagement ring

The customary dream ring should be given one year prior to the wedding date. However, the times have changed. There isn't a set norm. It doesn't mean that you can give an engagement ring before the marriage proposal. But the custom of today plays less of a rigid and more romantic significance, even in terms of timing. Do it only when you are fully convinced and perhaps set your own date, without forgetting that organizing the wedding can take several months. You will determine the wedding date once the diamond is placed on the ring finger of your loved one.

Where should the engagement ring go?

The rules vary based on the country of origin. In Brazil, for example couples wear a ring with a right hand, which will be switched to the left the day of the ceremony. The ring should be worn on the finger for ring, no matter whether you are wearing it on your right or left hand. In ancient times it was believed that the vein of the ring fingers was connected directly to the heart. In Italy the engagement ring can be moved to the the right hand on the morning prior to the wedding in order to allow the wedding ring to be worn on the left. In any case, it is common practice to wear, following the wedding, both rings on the same finger of the left hand.

You can take a deep breath and take the next decision after you've been educated about the rules, history, customs and traditions of this precious piece of jewelry. Don't stress about the jewelry. We're certain that the goldsmiths will be more than happy to show you a range of special engagement rings, and provide you with the best advice for making your better half completely speechless.


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