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Table Tennis
Table Tennis

Why Does Ball Quality Matter in Table Tennis?

One thing to never go wrong when playing the game of table tennis is playing with a low-quality ball. You just won’t like the way the game is going. Choosing the right ball is crucial for achieving the best type of performance at all levels and competitions. There are loads of options out there, but Table Tennis Store singles out as the best leading outlet to get the best tennis gear. With quality accessories tailored to meet all your needs, it is therefore the best place to get your tennis gear.

The table tennis ball is not just a ball. Its significance can impact a game to an extent. That is why it is important to use quality balls for consistent bounce and spin. Without quality tennis balls, players won’t be able to execute their shots and precision accurately. The three-star balls are the gold standard approved for competitive play at the top level. These balls are tested by the governing tennis board, the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), to ensure they adhere to its rules concerning quality balls.

Furthermore, it is important to check the materials being used. Most table tennis balls being used today are made from celluloid or advanced plastic. And today, it is gaining popularity because of its durability and performance. Less quality balls always result in wear and tear, and cracks on the side, making your experience a less memorable one.

Quality table tennis balls are less prone to damage. They are very reliable and let you enjoy the game of table tennis. They are also used in high-competitive matches because of their durability and consistency. The color of the ball you decide to use is also an important factor when selecting a table tennis ball. The approved colors by the ITTF are white and orange for all competitions. This is because it gives you the best visibility against the standard blue or green table tennis surfaces.

Depending on the environment and player’s preference, either color of the balls could be used for competitive play. Additionally, choosing the right ball also comes with the type of brands available. There are some established brands such as; Butterfly, Nittaku, and DHS. These brands are well known for their quality balls around the table tennis communities – as they invest heavily in innovation and quality control in other to deliver premium performance.

If you are serious about your game and want to take your game to the next level, try as much as possible to invest in the right equipment such as; ping pong table paddles, etc. The right equipment can make a difference in performance and dimension during play.

Now you have heard! It is time to take your game beyond expectations and level up good and hard. Visit the Table Tennis Store today and explore our extensive collections of table tennis balls and equipment. Shop now, and experience the difference.


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