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Get Smarter When Self-Publishing Books

In today's self-publishing landscape, we better understand what it takes to make author-published titles successful. It is crucial to match the quality of traditional publishers, and this involves various support services such as printing, a book fulfillment company, editing, and cover design. Understanding the role and value of each service is essential for bringing a book project to fruition. The key to successful self-publishing is a well-rounded process resulting in a reader-friendly, attractive, and competitively priced volume. It must have substantial appeal to its target readers.

If your primary goal is to maximize profits and book sales, the first step is to write a book that fills an open niche. A compelling story or valuable information forms the basis of all successful titles. Therefore, it's crucial to research and understand what is working in your genre before you start writing. Striking the right balance is important, as creating something similar to existing works can pose challenges while straying too far from familiar territory can deter potential readers. Your book's title (and subtitle for nonfiction) should be well-crafted and attention-grabbing, often in collaboration with your editor.

On the sales and profit side, expanding your presence in various sales channels is essential for selling copies and downloads. While large online booksellers and chain stores are primary channels, don't overlook the potential of your website, independent booksellers, and big-box retailers. Many self-published authors collaborate with book distributors and sales networks to get their books into stores. Another option is the hybrid model, where you finance your book project with a traditional publisher, which can be a suitable and more prestigious solution for some books and authors.

Thinking about marketing well in advance of your publication date is wise. Hiring a publicist can be advantageous in securing media coverage and increasing visibility for your book. For nonfiction authors, a book project can also provide significant promotional value for their businesses. With the vast opportunities presented by the internet, long-term benefits are achievable, as search engines index content for years, potentially bringing new client inquiries long after your book's publication. Applying a well-rounded approach to all aspects of your project can yield substantial dividends in the long run.


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